How to repel lanternflies

You see the lanternfly and you know you need to get rid of it. Lanternflies are known to invade and destroy gardens, orchards, and crops. They’re a nuisance and they’re not going anywhere. But how do you repel spotted lanternflies?

Where do lanternflies come from?

Lanternflies are native to southeastern Asia, but they have become an invasive species in North America. They are particularly problematic in Pennsylvania, where they are wreaking havoc on crops.

Why are they a nuisance?

Lanternflies are considered a pest for agriculture because they are known to feed on a wide variety of crops, including fruits, vegetables, and grains. They can quickly destroy a crop, and their large populations can be difficult to control. In addition, lanternflies can spread diseases to plants, which can further damage crops.

Lanternflies are know to feed from at least 70 species of plants which make them hard to eradicate.

How to attract and kill lanternflies?

Lanternflies are attracted to light, so one way to kill them is to set up a light trap. You can make your own light trap by hanging a light bulb over a bucket of soapy water combined with apple cider vinegar. The lanternflies will be attracted to the light and the apple cider vinegar and then they will fall into the soapy water and drown.

How to make a homemade lanternflies trap

How to kill lanternflies without any pesticides

This young girl found a clever way to catch lanternflies using their tendancy to want to climb up the trees. Her trap catches thousands of lanternflies who then get stuck and die within 24 hours.

Good job!

What do lanternflies look like?

Lanternflies are small, black and white insects that are attracted to light. They have a long, narrow body with four wings. The wings have black and white patterns that resemble a lantern. Lanternflies are often seen near porch lights or streetlights.

What kills lanterflies on contact?

There is no definitive answer to this question. Some possible methods include using a vinegar and neem oil spray, or manually squishing the lanternflies.


Lanternflies are pest that comes from Asia and feed on more than 70 species of plants. They spread fast and can cause serious damage. Fortunately there are ways to control their population and one of them is the clever trap invented by this young girl from Pennsylvania.

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