How to keep chipmunks out of car

As you sit in your car, getting ready to head out for the day, you notice a little chipmunk scurrying across the dashboard. You try to shoo it out, but it just keeps coming back, darting between your seat and the door.

You’re not alone in this struggle. Chipmunks can be cute, but they can also be a major nuisance when they decide to make themselves at home in your car. They might chew on wiring, leave droppings, or cause other damage. So, how can you keep these pesky critters out of your car for good?

Here are a few proven strategies for keeping chipmunks out of your car:

1. Use a car cover

One of the simplest and most effective ways to keep chipmunks out of your car is to use a car cover. These covers are made of durable material that can block out all kinds of pests, including chipmunks. They’re also great for protecting your car from the elements, such as rain, snow, and sun.

To get the most benefit from a car cover, be sure to use one that’s specifically designed for your make and model of car. This will ensure a snug fit that will keep chipmunks (and other pests) out.

2. Keep your car clean

Chipmunks are attracted to food, so if you have any crumbs or other debris in your car, it could be inviting them in. To discourage chipmunks (and other pests), be sure to keep your car clean and free of any potential food sources. This means regularly vacuuming and wiping down the interior, as well as properly disposing of any trash.

3. Seal off any entry points

Chipmunks are surprisingly agile, and they can find their way into your car through the tiniest of openings. To keep them out, you’ll need to seal off any potential entry points. This might include:

  • Gaps around windows and doors
  • Holes in the engine compartment
  • Openings in the exhaust pipe
  • Cracks in the body of the car

You can use silicone caulk or another type of sealant to fill in these gaps and prevent chipmunks from sneaking in.

4. Use a natural repellent

If you’re looking for a more natural solution, there are a few repellents that can help keep chipmunks (and other pests) away from your car. One option is to sprinkle some cayenne pepper around the perimeter of your car. Chipmunks are sensitive to spicy smells, so this can help deter them.

Another option is to use a natural oil, such as peppermint oil or citrus oil. These oils have strong scents that can repel chipmunks (and other pests). To use them, simply mix a few drops with water in a spray bottle and spritz it around the areas where you want to keep chipmunks away.

5. Use a deterrent spray

If natural remedies aren’t doing the trick, you might want to try a commercial deterrent spray. These sprays are specifically designed to repel chipmunks (and other pests) and are usually safe to use around your car. Just be sure to follow the instructions on the label and apply the spray as directed.

6. Keep trash and compost bins away from your car

Chipmunks are drawn to food, so if you have a trash or compost bin near your car, it could be attracting them. To reduce the risk of chipmunks taking up residence in your car, be sure to keep these bins as far away from your car as possible. If they’re not in close proximity to your car, chipmunks will be less likely to venture inside.

7. Consider using a chipmunk trap

If you’ve tried all of the above strategies and you’re still having trouble with chipmunks in your car, you might want to consider using a chipmunk trap. These traps allow you to capture the chipmunks and release them elsewhere, away from your car.

Just be sure to follow all local laws and regulations when it comes to trapping and relocating wildlife. You may need to obtain a permit or follow specific guidelines to ensure that you’re doing everything legally and ethically.


Chipmunks can be cute, but they’re not welcome in your car. If you’re dealing with these pesky critters making themselves at home in your vehicle, try using a car cover, keeping your car clean, sealing off any entry points, using a natural repellent or deterrent spray, keeping trash and compost bins away from your car, or using a chipmunk trap. With a little effort, you can keep chipmunks out of your car for good.

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