How to dispose of unwanted alcohol

If you’re like most people, you probably have a stash of alcohol somewhere in your home that you don’t really want or need. Maybe it’s a gift from a well-meaning relative, or a half-finished bottle from a party. Whatever the case, you may be wondering how to dispose of it without causing harm to yourself, others, kids, pet or the environment.

The first thing to keep in mind is that alcohol is flammable and is also potentially a poison to kids and pets. So you’ll want to be very careful in the way you’re going to get rid of it.

Pour it down the drain

The best way to get rid of unwanted alcohol is to pour it down the drain. This will get rid of the alcohol quickly and safely. Just make sure that you pour it down the drain slowly so that it doesn’t splash back up at you. If possible, it’s best to dilute the alcohol with water before disposing of it. You could also flush it down the toilet.

Call your local waste facility

If you’re not comfortable disposing of the alcohol yourself, you can always contact your local waste management facility to see if they have any special procedures for disposing of it. In most cases, they’ll be able to take it off your hands and dispose of it safely.


It’s as simple as that to know how to dispose of unwanted alcohol. Do not overcomplicate things. Sometimes, the first thing you have in mind is the right thing to do. Open the faucet, let the water flow and pour the old or unwanted alcohol down the drain and that’s it!

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